FACT meeting minutes – February 10, 2013

FACT General Membership meeting minutes 

Los Angeles, California

Sunday, February 10, 2013

3:00 P.M.



Marlene Martineau, Chair      mmartineau@newdawn.com

Michele Oken, Vice Chair     moken@lasuperiorcourt.org

Sue Lynn Morgan, FACT Steering Committee     smorgan@fortherecord.com

Bruce Bevis, Thomson Reuters

Kevin Bowling, NACM Immediate Past President     kevin@nacmnet.org

Jenny Bunch, CJS

Troy Burke, Extract Systems     troy_burke@extractsystems.com

Jessica Cottle, New Dawn Technologies     jcottle@newdawn.com

Tony Douglas, FTR/Court Record Solutions

Frank Felice, New Dawn Technologies     ffelice@newdawn.com

Riley Miles, New Dawn Technologies     rmiles@newdawn.com

Christine Phipps, NCRA     Christine@phippsreporting.com

Linda Romero-Soles, NACM member

Alan Slater, Retired CEO, Orange County     alanslater8@gmail.com

Brad Smith, Mentis Technology Solutions     BradSmith@MentisTechnology.com

Karl Thoennes, NACM Board Member     karl@nacmnet.org

Joe Wheeler (for Brent Wigen) MTG


The FACT meeting was called to order by Marlene Martineau and introductions were made.

Ms. Martineau then gave an update as follows:

  • FACT sponsored the wifi for NACM’s 2013 Midyear and Annual Conferences.
  • A Technology SIG will be recommended for the Annual Conference in San Antonio.
  • NCSC’s Court Technology Conference (CTC):  What’s the Big Idea? An opportunity to submit ideas for the conference (information on the NCSC website); FACT will be teaming up with Courtroom 21 to present at CTC.
  • Top 10 websites:  information will be posted on the website and in the upcoming newsletter.
  • Elections for 2013-2014:  Three steering committee positions will become available.  Michele Oken, Vice Chair, will oversee the election.  Information will be sent to all FACT members in April outlining the process.
  • FACT’s Strategic Plan was adopted by the Steering Committee on January 13, 2013.
  • FACT members will actively participate on the committee for the NACM Mini Guide on Technology
  • A discussion was held about updating FACT’s non-technical guide to Court Technology published in 1999.
  • A FACT newsletter will be distributed late February, early March.
  • The Steering Committee created a special education committee to address items in the strategic plan.
  • Committee chairs finalized as follows:
    • Communications:  Jenny Bunch
    • Planning:                Marlene Martineau
    • Membership:         SueLynn Morgan, Chelle Uecker
    • Education:             Martin Gruen, Bob Roper, Chelle Uecker
    • Finance:                   Stephanie Hess, Michele Oken

Michele distributed the current FACT Budget on behalf of Stephanie Hess, NACM Secretary/Treasurer (see attached budget).

Marlene distributed the summary of goals for the strategic plan.  The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing each goal and action item (chart with meeting notes attached hereto).

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele Oken, Vice Chair

NACM Vice President

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